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We have delivered bespoke solutions to UK businesses for almost ten years. Get in touch if you want to get a free consultation from professional software development company.

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Rely on Professional Experience

Our clients include some of the internationally recognised brands and local firms.

Our Software Development Services in UK Include
  • Windows apps. Standalone programs and integrated systems for the Microsoft Windows platform
  • Web-based applications. Tailor-made websites with secure databases and HTML5 web app creation
  • Bespoke software development. Programming, design and deployment of high-quality, feature-rich digital products with outstanding visual content
  • Database design. Scalable and powerful databases for thriving businesses
  • Native mobile applications. Custom-built smartphone and tablet apps for all mobile operating systems.
Bespoke Design from UK
Our in-depth understanding of technology and a broad expertise in software development guarantees that we can tackle tasks of any complexity across various industries. Here is what we are proficient in:
  • SMS, IT consultancy, SAGE integration, VOIP integration, MS SQL, ASP.NET, C#, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, Licencing, VMWare, Product creation, Mobile applications, iPhone, RSYNC, Windows Mobile, Database systems, E-commerce, XML,
  • Custom software, Windows applications, Android, Data Integrity, Component based development, Data backup, Web applications, Agile platform, RIM Blackberry
  • Cloud computing, Winforms, .NET, Cross-platform design, Technical consultancy, Development platforms, Technical analysis, MAC & Linux, Mobile applications
  • Online payments, Database server, Embedded databases, Mobile solutions, DRBD (Distributed Replicated Block Device), Amazon web service, Microsoft IIS Server
  • Software products, Redundancy, Cloud hosting,

Whether your UK company needs a native mobile app, an elaborate software enterprise system, a bespoke database, a responsively designed website, a monetisation strategy or a legacy system revamp, you have come to the right place - we can tackle the task of any complexity and deliver outstanding results with long-term value. Our software expertise embrace all the latest technologies, frameworks, APIs, environments and tools. Check out our extensive portfolio of successful project if you do not trust us by word.

Before starting the process, our experienced business analysts take the time to investigate your UK company and get familiar with the way you run your company to ensure that the product we develop meet your specific requirements and exceeds your expectations. Our software development company from UK is the perfect choice for a company looking to build a custom app or finish and ongoing project in time and within budget.

Industries We Have Collaborated With

  • Logistics and Transportation
  • Healthcare and NHS (National Health Service)
  • Information Technologies
  • Property management
  • Aircraft
  • Ecommerce
  • Education and Learning
  • Governmental company
  • Mobile apps

It can be rather difficult to tell a traditional website from a web app, but there are certain signs that you can use to distinguish it like data stored in the database and a large amount of forms. Our UK software development company has delivered over 300 tailor-made web applications. We keep an eye on the emerging technologies to ensure that we create apps that are up-to-date and appeal to users through their trendy designs and relevant functionality.

Web-based application development is an elaborate process that requires strong professionalism and a lean strategy that will cover all the stages of the process. We always allocate the team of experts who have the most relevant expertise and a skilled project management to monitor the progress, solve any issues and ensuring ongoing communication between the developers and the client. If you are interested in the technologies we utilise when we create your powerful and user-friendly, apps, we will be happy to tell you more about the topic.

Web-Based Development


Solid Background

Do you want to develop an app that works across all devices with internet connection? We are the perfect team for the job. Our software development company from UK has a solid background in programming web-based apps and responsive sites. We will navigate you through the exciting world of web design. Over the many years in web design industry, we have gained an understanding that the overwhelming majority of solutions fall into one of the following categories: leaflet sites, websites with rich content, ecommerce platforms and web apps.

Multi-Versed Team of Seasoned IT Professionals

We have enough expertise and skills to tackle the task of any complexity and scope:
  • Our developers and designer have and in-depth understanding of the Microsoft website development environment that embraces such technologies as ASP.NET and Microsoft IIS.
  • Web-based applications are supported by the database managed at the server side with the MS SQL Server technology.
  • Of course, our experts also know AngularJS and JavaScript in and out because these technologies are responsible for delivering the interactivity to the user experience.

Technologies We Utilise

At our software development company, we prefer to utilise web design tools made by Microsoft: Microsoft Server 2014 along with ASP.NET and Microsoft IIS at the server side. As for the backend, we typically focus on the Microsoft SQL Server. The fact that we are so proficient in the Microsoft tools ensures high productivity and fast delivery of your digital product. Moreover, we are experienced in coding in the C# programming language, which is very efficient and powerful.

Design Technologies

The programming language that lies at the very basis of the world wide web is HTML (HyperText Markup Language). It is the basic tool that allow people to create simple sites with text content, images, media files and links to other sources on the internet. HTML turned out to be so simple and easy-to-understand, that people around the world started making their sites and contributed to the rise of the internet.

Linux Development

Linux is another effective platform that we love very much. We are well-versed in using the LAMP software bundle that incorporates some of the most popular technologies for Linux web application development such as Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Linux has its own advantages as compared to Microsoft, with the most important one being the availability of programs, tools and component as they are mostly free yet efficient. On the other hand, most businesses prefer the MS environment for their software projects, and we have no problem with this choice.

The HTML Technology

HTML has been continuously evolving since then and this expansion has caused many problems to developer because of differences in how the content is viewed in different internet browsers. The primary reason behind this problem is that HTML simply was not created with the purpose of website development, that is why it can be problematic for non-professionals to program using this technology.
A web-based application is a software program that can be accessed via an internet browser with a connection to the web. It may be a UK company app that works within the enterprise's network (so-called intranet), a software services with a licence (extranet) or an online solution available to the general public like a webstore or a property search engine.

As time has passed, more businesses began to face the need to expand the functionality of websites to provide their visitors with more interactivity, enhancing customer engagement and building loyalty - that is when they came up with the concept of apps that would allow consumers not to simply learn information about the brand, but to perform certain actions: purchase, order, estimate cost, etc.

Moreover, we never stop exploring new horizons and reach new heights in web design and programming, building websites that are more secure, faster and friendlier. We know the Web 3.0 technology in and out, which allows us to craft breathtaking user experiences. Responsively designed sites automatically adjust their content to make it readable and convenient for the screens of all size and resolution. Web application operate based on the same logic, providing and outstanding user experience from any mobile phone, tablet or computer.

As a matter of fact, not many software development specialists have enough expertise in various development environments to judge which one of the many platforms is better and why. To choose the right platform for your solution, the developer must know what kind of app you need and what are the features are seeking to implement. At our digital company from UK, we boast a team of seasoned experts who know how to handle these issues fast and efficiently.

For almost ten years, we have been combining our unparalleled knowledge of technology and business-savvy nature to deliver bespoke business applications that bring value. Our client love us dearly because we create one-of-a-kind products that stand out from the crowd. If you are looking for a skilled development team to supply your brand with a custom solution or are in need of an IT advice from development professionals based in UK, do not hesitate to get in touch. Give us a call, drop us a line or pop in at our London headquarters.