iPhone App Development Costs: Flexible Price Policy for High Quality Application

Our company develops mobile solutions for startups and businesses. We build native iPhone apps and put into force the back-end element, combining design, technology, and our expertise to transform your thoughts into top-notch digital products.

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Top-Rated iOS Software

Since 2010 we've helped numerous clients create highly efficient apps for iPhone. In the last seven years, we had been growing our robust iOS programs, accumulating in-depth expertise and gaining the broad experience that will help you boom sales, increase client loyalty and optimize business strategies. We offer the full-fledged MVPs and beneficial solutions for startups at the most competitive iPhone app development costs.

Professional Team
As a highly dedicated team of professionals, we work hard to elaborate the best solutions on the market to and bring value to the clients with the smart iPhone apps. The developers carry out an in-depth evaluation of the target audience, market, and competition. Operating carefully with the designers and programmers, our IT group creates entirely thought out designs with top-quality usability.
Expert Approach
In the framework of the iPhone app development strategy, the specialists examine the target audience, in detail, which guarantees the apps we create are highly demanded programs. This, in turn, ensures the satisfactory user experience. We professionally expand and create your app in compliance with the agile standards; however, if you have the detailed specs, the developers can pursue more traditional approach such as Waterfall development.
  • Analytics
  • Experience
  • High-quality UX
  • Distinctly demanded iPhone software
The team members work with enthusiasm and tirelessly to comprehend the deliverables. All the iPhone product produced comes with a complete technical guide and 24/7 support services.

Our iOS developers and designers work together with you to meet your business goals. When you bring your fresh and innovative ideas looking for their realisation you meet your dedicated team of professional iOS developers. Your dedicated manager assists you in validating your iOS project and helps to translate your intentions to our nerdy programmers. In this stage, our expert software engineers can offer you professional advice to achieve better results. Our opportunities are very wide and we want to help you achieving our full potential. App designers study your business identity to visualise it in your software. Step by step, we deliver you results asking for your feedback and comments. Such iterative process of development is called agile. It includes:

  • Simple, table-based apps: $10,000 to $15,000
  • Database apps: $10,000 to $50,000
  • Games: $25,000 to $250,000

Here are some other costs to bear in mind for constructing your iPhone application:

  • In-app purchase functionality: $1,000 to $3,000; allows customers to buy new content or complete versions of the iPhone application
  • Web services: $1,000 to $5,000; take the content to a far off access to data so that you can replace your program with XML documents instead of adjustments to the source code
  • Game center: $1,000; Apple’s way of integrating the application with the SDK
  • Share capabilities: $500 to $1,500; allow content sharing through social media and e-mail
  • SDKs: $50 to $200; SDKs help you track the program and integrate monetization.

The iPhone app development process consists of numerous successive levels. The terms at each level may be exceptions depending on the exertions intensity on a case-through-case foundation.

  • Free cost estimate (1-3 days)
  • Designated study of the assignment, analysis of the marketplace and competition (1-5 days)
  • Prototyping. Writing technical specification (5-15 days)
  • Design (5-15 days)
  • Programming (18-60+ days)
  • Testing (5-10 days)

We sign a contract with all our guarantees, where each stage of work is stated. Similarly, you may contact the specialists running for your software at any time.

All work is transparent. The client understands everything we do in details.

Handy step-by-step payment and affordable costs for iPhone utility development.

How to Make Your Project a Hit

Having started developing an iPhone app, we examine what users would like or want, and offer our personal version. Consequently, the creation of an application for iPhone starts with the analysis of current programs and studies of consumer needs. Paying unique attention to the reviews, we work on improving consumer interplay with the software.

Listen and test
The development process is built to create tremendously demanded digital products.
To be able to acquire this:
  • The specialist conduct interviews with customers at the design level.
  • Having launched the software, they collect feedback and tips, which help us create a listing of upgrades.
  • We carry out checks on the applications in real situations.
Software publishing support
Our team supports your publishing in the stores.
We sign up an account, take screenshots and create a vibrant icon in addition to gathering the outline and keywords, following the Apple guidelines for publication.
The development team accompanies every publication through the stage of app moderation. The creation of iPhone applications finally ends up with the release. Next, the crew participates in updating and finalizing the product.
Sorts of apps
According to the development time, apps may be divided into three groups:
  • Easy apps - about 300 working hours (1-2 months) - costs from $ 8 000.
  • Apps of average complexity - approximately 500 operating hours (3-4 months) - costs from $ 8 000 to $ 10 000.
  • Complex apps – more than 600 hours (more than 4 months) costs from $ 10 000.
In complex apps, it's far viable to initiate parallel programming. This approach employs numerous programmers operating simultaneously, and in all likelihood consequences within the proposed app launch date being added ahead.
Software publishing support
To calculate the quantity at each degree, which means to calculate the cost of app development, is a tough venture. For this cause, you should have a clear vision of the resulting impact and be technologically advanced o be able to estimate the working effort for every feature. That’s why the most skilled professionals take part in this procedure.
The estimate is achieved in two tiers:
  • Initial rough estimate
  • Correct, thorough assessment.

Initial price estimate free of charge

Even though a preliminary estimate is called ‘difficult,' it presents a clear sufficient understanding of the possible costs concerned with the proposed app traits, before any formal agreements. This kind of service is provided free-of-charge in a couple of days.
Accurate calculations
The real cost of developing an iPhone app
The correct application development costs are reinforced by the agreement, wherein the phrases and development stages, with a special description of the end result, are stipulated.
There are also instances when; for the duration of the development process, problems and new circumstances rise, forcing a reconsideration of the initial project, which can affect the bottom-line cost. In these unforeseen occasions, both parties should take into account the deletion or addition of capabilities, mainly when specific and extraordinary iPhone apps are created.
Our company, as the most skilled development group, is able to offer a more accurate estimate of time and costs and to supply the specified result. The experience of creating comparable apps or comparable functions assists reducing the risks and keep to minimum unexpected expenses.
Any new development projects are of benefit to both parties giving the possibility to generate the highest possible quality.
Who develops the software
On average, one app is evolved by 7-10 specialists: sales manager, project manager, graphic designer, front-end and back-end programmers, QA engineers, and marketing specialists.
  • The designers elaborate the consistency of the app and find an appropriate visual solution. Those experts assist the client in creating the app which precisely satisfies his or her needs.
  • The programmers, under the steering of the engineering supervisor, bring the concept to life.
  • In the long run, the app is tested by the QA specialists and submitted to the client.
Marketing and advertising specialists help to publish the product in the store, compose the right description, choose the appropriate keywords and make the application the most visible for the target audience.
However, the tale doesn’t end there! As part of the consistent procedure of production, the crew will recall possible ways of creating the application less complicated, greater convenient and quicker.

Things to Consider When Starting the Project


Ordering the analysis

There must always be an evaluation. This enables to avoid such risks as releasing an iPhone program which nobody desires or which is probably the same to the others. It's going to help observe the target audience, the desires, and values of future users, and basically, apprehend what capabilities are wished with the aid of the app.

Prototype model

A prototype model affords crucial information and opportunities to form the concept into an accurate illustration of what is needed. To make errors with a prototype is much less expensive than to await the final product. A prototype also permits a team to hurry up the development process in later levels, giving a clear understanding of what is required.

Technical specification

The maximum critical record in the project realization is a technical specification. The programmers work under this document taking note of every element. With this kind of large listing of technical info, a correct specification is essential. This file should cowl all factors of labor and therefore have to be created with the aid of experienced and accurate managers. For this reason, the technical specification document needs special attention.

iPhone application is a hard work

Post production is also a great consideration in the success of a digital product. After the app release, the work on it isn't over. You continue to attract customers to the app, as well as collect the metrics and examine their behavior to find the right way to improve the product.

Needs on the level of the task estimation

  • Group of seven and more experts when developing an iPhone app or a mobile website.
  • Tailor-made solutions – no off-the-shelf.
  • Time period – production starting from three months.
  • The transparency of manipulating and flexibility of improvement.

Notes to keep in mind

  • An iPhone app is an excellent way to assist your business benefit more traction and better brand recognition. But it could entail a considerable investment.
  • While the timing of the release is vital, you shouldn’t rush through the programming and testing stages.
  • The cost of constructing the iPhone solution will hardly matter in the long run if it takes off and profits a large marketplace of users.