iOS Developer Contract: How to Make an App

Our company has extensive expertise in building and delivering elegant apps integrated with the required functionality as we have been engaged in bespoke software development for over seven years. Approach our expert iOS developers, contract with them, and describe the app idea, and we will help to launch a fantastic iOS application.

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Our IT agency was founded in 2010 when iOS development only started to prosper and was a promising sphere of bespoke software construction.

Dedicated Team
Today, many businesses give their preferences to the construction of tailored iOS applications hiring certified iOS developers, and our software company has a strong team of iOS coders and app designers who will be happy to assist with the making great app idea to come true. Being experienced iOS developers with a passion for innovations, excellence in performance, and love for solving challenging problems we also have an eye for sleek and appealing user interface design.
Reliable Partners
Writing a contract with our iOS developers, clients can be sure that we build digital solutions for iPhones and iPads relying on the best development practices and the latest platform capabilities constructing top-notch user experience.

iOS developer contract jobs have gained the popularity due to the advantages of work with such type of specialists on short-term projects when their services are required only for the period of the development. Whether it is an IT company or a freelance iOS developer, don’t hurry to write a contract with them till you are sure that this contract performer is not only a skilled IT expert but also a good communicator who understands your corporate needs and business goals. Keep in mind that good contract iOS developers are more than just executors, they are committed partners who add value to the project sharing their expertise and experience.

Dedicated iOS developers pledge themselves to work collaboratively with the customer discovering the gist of the business problem and actual corporate needs. They are involved in defining, wireframing, prototyping, designing, coding, testing, and other project phases; in other words, they participate in all stages of the development lifecycle including integration of new functionality after the launch and maintenance. Programming itself involves finding a solution to mathematical problems and looking for the efficient way to realise the app concept and convert the idea into a working program.

If you don’t have in-house IT department, contracting with iOS developers, make sure that they are certified members of the Apple Developer Program. Only being certified developers, programmers can fully utilise all the development tools provided by Apple as well as publish the application on the App Store and access many other benefits of the program including acquaintance with the newest Apple’s beta software, TestFlight, and Analytics. Furthermore, professional iOS developer should be well-versed in native integrated development environment (IDE) Xcode and be competent in at least one of the programming languages for writing software solutions which run on Apple devices. In-depth expertise in bespoke iOS software building also includes proficiency in accessing native APIs, work with frameworks, integration of third-party libraries and APIs. These skills enable programmers to access the capabilities of Apple hardware and software including video and audio assets, GPS and accelerometer, as well as capabilities of available digital services such as YouTube, Facebook, Google Maps and many others.

Writing a Perfect iOS App Development Contract


It is vital to write a contract with the chosen iOS developer ensuring that you safeguard company’s interests via the documented agreement where both parties specify obligations toward each other.

If you approach professional development agency, it won’t take too long to make this agreement as contract developers have experience in this type of business relationships and know how to meet the interests of both parties.

It is helpful to be aware of the clauses that should be in any app development contract. Meticulous documentation of the requirements and app specifications plays a paramount role in the determination of the project cost.

It should resolve frustration about project results and timeframes setting out exactly what the project will include.
The wealth of experience in bespoke software development has enabled us to shape the organisation’s effort enabling better interaction within the team and with the customer.
We are open to new and innovative technologies both mobile and web, implementing our expertise and coding skills.
With the quality in mind, programmers carefully write code while software designers provide sufficient coverage. UI designers work simultaneously with the coders ensuring that interface layout is well-supported on the back end and well-optimised for performance.
We organise data within the app with the Foundation and Core Data frameworks as well as Cocoa Touch and numerous APIs. But our expertise goes far beyond Swift and Objective-C.
Competent web programmers with the proficiency in Ruby, PHP, .NET, C++, C# and many other high-level programming languages ensure robust web backup for any mobile application transforming nice-to-have solutions into empowering and multifunctional tools.

Formalising the contract, you get the project going, but before the project can begin, it is necessary to determine the preferred development methods. There are two main ways to build the iOS application: employing either Waterfall or Agile methodology. The main difference lies in the payment terms. Whether it is a fixed-price project or an hourly development model.

Fixed-price development based on Waterfall approach implies a clear understanding of the specifications of the program with no ability to change the requirements during the development lifecycle. In this case, it is mission-critical to determine the milestones with the contract developer and together outline the key dates when IT specialists present the first results. Step by step you release milestone payment and move on to funding the coming one.

Hourly contracts are based on Agile methods with the agreement on the hourly rate and the number of the hours developers need for realisation of the project specifications. Such type of payment enables you to approach to the app creation in an iterative and flexible manner ensuring that developers will be able to adjust the program to evolving needs throughout the development. Usually, contract developers set weekly limits to stay on budget.

As soon as the application is published, you may need to update it and integrate new functionality or edit its content meeting business needs. There are numerous reasons why in the future you will need to access its code and content. It is necessary to set out copyright terms clear if their is any chance to use and modify certain elements again in the future. Make sure that according to the contract all rights on the iOS application and its code belong to you to avoid further legal dispute and be able to modify, update and upgrade the iOS app if for some reasons you lose touch with the previous iOS developer. The contract should contain the clause where it is mentioned who owns the results of the work as the project is over.

Be specific about the project functionality. The contract puts into writing what work is required to be done. For idea owner, it is critical to be clear about the expectations and the work it is paid for. What type of application do you want to build? Apple distinguishes 24 app categories including:

  • Business apps that assist in running business, collaborate, edit and share content;
  • Education apps that provide an interactive learning experience;
  • Finance apps that perform financial calculations and transactions;
  • Health & Fitness apps, related to healthy living, stress management, and fitness;
  • Productivity apps that organise task performance and improving the efficiency and many others.

It may be not necessary to determine the type of the app before its building, and sometimes it is even pretty hard due to rich functionality and multipurpose use. But in any case, it is essential to determine the feature set because developers should build the app architecture taking into account the functionality they are going to incorporate, the compatibility of the integrated features and many other things that influence the development time and hence the cost.

Every digital product after its release is likely to have some bugs and errors which couldn’t be found during the numerous testing. If you want to keep iOS developers nearby after the submission to the App Store and deployment, include in the agreement post-launch revisions, technical support, and maintenance. IT agency usually offer different maintenance packages, and your task will be to get acquainted with offered conditions and pick the one that fits business needs the most. Find out if hired developers offer any warranties for the work they did and make sure that it is stated in the iOS developers’ contract.


Every app idea is unique and being realised it can generate a high ROI. At the same time software development is a significant investment. If you want to preserve the project as an unannounced venture so that development agency didn’t talk about your project in public, consider adding confidentiality article where client and programmers can asking each other not to air project details and applied business practices. Reputable IT companies have experience of work with a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and working with our team we will help you to outline the confidential material according to the business needs creating a healthy confidential relationship.

Writing a contract with professional developers, pay attention to the expected project duration, its effort in hours, timeframes, software specifications post-design services and guarantees, confidentiality, and copyright clauses. Keep it simple and make sure that every item of the contract is clear for you, ask questions if any of them causes frustration. The contract should contain the defined objectives of the project explaining the agreed tasks and the services developers will provide to eliminate any misunderstanding and increase the chances to get the desired results at the end of collaboration. Be clear about the copyright terms and make sure that you are the owner of the end-product. Before signing the contract, sleep on it and make certain if it meets your interests and needs.