Framing Your Page for Financial Success

The purpose of your blog is going to be to make money. Youll want to offer your readers great content, of course. But your primary goal is going to be earning an income. So lets focus on some of the ways you can make money with your WordPress blog so that the traffic you funnel from micro sources converts for you.

A lot of people focus on AdSense. AdSense is very easy to use, because it requires very little effort to add to a page. You log into AdSense, make a few selections, and then insert the code it gives you onto your blog.

You can put AdSense into your blogs sidebar, or you can get a special plug-in that inserts the code into your posts. The problem with using AdSense as your primary method of making money from your microblogging traffic is that it only pays a few cents here and there.

Unless youre targeting very high-paying keywords, youre only going to make a few pennies per click. That means you have to have a very large amount of traffic to make decent money with AdSense.

Because of these issues, more people are turning to affiliate programs to cash in, and theyre finding out they can make a lot more money promoting information products. There are several ways you can advertise products on your blog. You can put text links, buttons, or banners in your sidebar.

A lot of people look at the sidebar, because thats where your navigation is. Your traffic will see the ads there, but the CTR (Click Through Rate) on these ads may not be very high.

You can also place large banners or text links underneath your header. You can generally place a large leaderboard sized ad in this area. You could also place several smaller text links or buttons in this spot to draw a lot of attention.

Keep in mind that text links generally get clicked a lot more often than banners. Many web surfers have come to recognize banners as ads, so they avoid them on purpose. A better option is to place the ads directly in your posts.

Most bloggers like to do this by making product recommendation posts, dedicating an entire post to reviewing one particular item. This can be extremely effective once youve built a following on your blog, because theyll trust your recommendations. You can even place a hyperlink to your affiliate URL on every mention of the product name.

If youre promoting affiliate links, you should set up a cloaking system to hide those long, ugly affiliate URLs. There are two big reasons for doing this. For one thing, surfers often dont trust those long, ugly links. They look too spammy. Plus, a lot of people just dont want you to make a commission off of them, so theyll look at the domain name in the URL and try to go straight to the product without you getting credit for the sale.

If youre in the Internet marketing niche, this is especially important, because other webmasters may replace your affiliate ID with their own in an attempt to get the product at a big discount. You can buy a script to cloak your affiliate links, or you can use a simple PHP redirect. Most link cloaking scripts will allow you to track your various links, so you can tell how much traffic youre sending out.

Dont forget that you can also place ads between your posts or in the space at the footer. Unless you have some sort of plugin that does this, youll probably have to edit your theme template for this, so you might need some help if youre not sure how to go about this.

Helping Your Blog Become an Authority Figure

f youve been trying to make money online for very long at all, you may have heard the term “content is king.” Other people will claim traffic is king or keywords are king. But the truth is, without good content its extremely hard to get any traffic in the first place, much less keep it for a potential conversion!

Youve already done a lot of keyword research for your microblogging. You should have a pretty big selection of keywords you can use by now. You can start using these keywords to create the posts on your own blog.

Whenever you use a keyword for your microblogging, youll want to also make a post using that keyword on your own blog. You dont have to write a novel every time you create an entry on your blog.

Three short paragraphs will be plenty for most posts. Occasionally you might want to make some in-depth posts that go on for a few pages, and sometimes you might only need to post a single paragraph. But most posts should probably be between three and four paragraphs in order to offer your visitors a good experience and attract more search engine traffic.

Use the akismet plugin from WordPress to minimize spam, and leave the comments turned on. Discussions are a big part of blogging, and if you respond to your comments in a two-way exchange, youll find those visitors coming back more often.

By providing frequent posts and quality entries, search engines will love your site, and other bloggers and webmasters will start to link back to you. Eventually, your blog will become sticky with prospects who come back regularly for more offers.