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Here at our app design London agency, proficient iPhone, Android, and web developers take innovative ideas and build them into brilliant applications that drive business efficiency.

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World-Class Developers in London

This IT agency is a world’s leading web and mobile development company that provides a full spectrum of services including digital strategy, UI design and software development assistance to help forward-looking entrepreneurs build feasible digital presence and integrate dazzling applications into their workflow.

Skillful team
The team of adept designers and developers serves the UK and businesses across the world via our head office located in London. With the main focus on enterprise-level software, programmers are also excelled at small business and startup mobile applications. We passionately pursue emerging technologies delivering advanced digital products with the beautiful and functional user experiences. We want to help clients craft something amazing that delivers measurable results making full use of our design and coding skills.
Professional services
Over the last decade, our passion for cutting-edge information technologies and emerging innovations has enabled us to achieve a stellar reputation in the IT industry and respect from other London app design agencies. Being pioneers and groundbreakers, development team assists entrepreneurial dreamers to realise their ideas in digital solutions that transform the way people do business and interact with the world.

Our app design team based in London has worked with hundreds of software projects acquiring a profound understanding of what works and what doesn’t for the achievement of particular goals and engagement of the users. At the conceptualisation stage, experienced project managers and business analysts assist clients in the identification of available opportunities and creative approaches to meet the needs with disruptive products. We validate the idea before starting its realisation as thorough market research and idea relevance analysis lay a solid foundation for its further success.

First-class London IT strategists explore the core strengths and weaknesses of client’s software projects and optimise them via an iterative process helping to choose a better monetisation strategy which would maintain user engagement and encourage its growth. Business software development is a natural response to the popularisation of smart devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. Rise of mobile technologies result in brand investment in mobile apps and our design team will help you to ensure a cost-effective investing with a design of a smart digital strategy. Experienced London analysts and strategists will ensure that chose approach will fit your business and customer base.

Application look has a huge impact on users’ perception of the program especially during the first acquaintance with it. It can frighten users away with a too plain look or too complex user interface, or it can attract and engage users with intuitive and familiar interface layout and interactive and recognisable visual image. Your brand implementation into design will make app more engaging and distinguish it from other digital products with outstanding look and content. Creative design team will help you to infuse the program with charismatic and magnetic appearance allotting the app with a personality based on unique visual brand book. App designers will ensure that the app delivers the right message.

User experience design is as important as program functionality. Its purpose to simplify users’ interactions with the program making functionality more accessible and navigation more intuitive. London app designers know how to create a behavioural model that emphasises application technical excellence and that users love. We found user experience on the deep understanding of the target audience of the program and how our clients want users to communicate with their apps. We adhere to mobile-first thinking building program’s wireframe and prototype because the world goes mobile and it is vital to ensure that your application will be usable and user-friendly on all screen sizes whether it is a mobile application or web-based software solution. Developers strive to design an ideal customer journey throughout the IT product putting users needs in the centre.

Agile Approach to the Development


Time-proven strategy

This app design London company adheres to the agile development which enables programmers to respond to unpredictability via iterative and incremental approach to the development and with the help of empirical feedback. Agile development methods, such as Scrum, Crystal, FTD and others, introduce flexibility, less documentation and more working program, and thanks to proper continuous testing top-quality. Being able to assess project development direction via Sprints, regular cadences of work, London app designers can adjust project to evolving requirements throughout the development lifecycle. Nevertheless, we start with the project scoping, specifications determination, and wireframing acquiring a clear idea of client’s business needs and problems to ensure the home run with an MVP, minimum viable product with core functionality which we deliver first. App designers accommodate any changing priorities and making sure that client’s app is technically ready for release.

Robust Code

We are first-class IT experts who has gained a reputation of reliable London app designers thanks to three constant ingredients of our digital products: their highest quality, eye-catching look, and empowering functionality. Our team includes first-rate software engineers, programmers, and coders as well as competent quality assurance experts whose consolidated efforts ensure that the app is honed to perfection. Software engineers start the development with the creation of a scalable architecture that enable developers to expand the program integrating advanced features whilst programmers write a legible and easy-to-maintain code reducing the cost of the program further maintenance and upgrading. At the same time, QA experts and testers check the digital product look, feel and overall performance throughout the development ensuring that it meets corporate quality standards.

Tech Stack and Design Tools

As a leading London IT agency, we utilise the latest tools and technologies which empower IT professionals to make magic. The company has several departments dedicated to particular programming languages and IT domain. Such structure lets us increase our productivity focusing on a particular task of the project. At the same time, all these departments work collaboratively ensuring entirety of the program and app concept.

Web Programming

Being a top software development company, we are also one of the leading web design agencies in London which provide digital design for web interfaces and web-based application to companies around the world. Having a large team of IT specialists in web development we deliver efficient digital strategies, bespoke database solutions, responsive websites, custom web portals and other web-based software solutions.

With the main focus on mobile development, our London company provides businesses with engaging and interactive user-facing program as well as efficient tools for remote and on-the-go work for client’s employees. We know how to drive sales, increase brand recognition, improve productivity and solve many other business problems via mobile technologies, sharp design, and robust code. Specialising primarily in native development but also know how to work with cross-platform frameworks, such as Xamarin and PhoneGap.

Our trained developers are experienced in the integration of third-party APIs as well as building their own application programming interfaces from scratch. Over the years, we have worked with a variety of databases selecting the one that fits our customers the most, such as MySQL, MS SQL, SQLite and others. Our expertise in numerous programming languages of both frontend and backend scripting enables us to tackle projects of any scale and perform tasks of any complexity. Here at our London software design company, you can find first-class PHP developers, C# and C++ programmers, expert in Java, well-versed specialists in such high-level programming languages as Python, Ruby, Perl, as well as in client-side scripting languages including HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3.

Whether it is an application for iOS, Android or Windows Mobile platform, app designers demonstrate exclusive proficiency in all types of Integrated Development Environments presented by Apple, Google and Microsoft. We have leveraged Xcode, Android Studio and Visual Studio, mastering required programming languages for these environments including Objective-C, Swift, Java, Kotlin, C#, C++, and Visual Basic. Our London in-house team of developers well-acquainted with native frameworks and can smoothly integrate them into the mobile program accessing the most exciting smartphones’ and tablets’ software features and hardware capabilities.

This app design London agency can boast a team of top-flight designers whose expertise, talent and creative thinking let us deliver outstanding UI layouts rich with visual elements and seamless animation. The team has mastered a set of design tools enlarging their capabilities in creating customised app interfaces and look. The frontmost tools for drawing and designing from scratch are Photoshop and Sketch, while Illustrator is frequently used for icons and illustrations. Designers often apply Principle, Framer, and Flinto prototyping tools for the creation of interfaces animation and latter demonstrate to clients the clickable and coherent interfaces in InVision and Marvel app so that our customers could check out their intuitivity and look by themselves. The familiarity with multiple design tools enable our team members to taking advantage of each of them.